Duffield 4 Away

14 May 2012 18:30

Team: L Simpson-Allsop and S Longworth (1), S Moore and R Hughes( 2), R Lewis and P Brown(3)
Ashbourne arrived just as the heavens opened at Duffield. Following a lengthy wait, the couples took to the courts.
Susan and Lorraine got off to a great start, beating thye number 1 couple 9-4. They then went on to win their next two sets, both to love.
Suzie and Roz had a very close opening match, finally coming out on top 9-7 against the number 2 couple. They then continued in winning form to take the next set against the number 3 couple, but unfortunately were beaten in thier final set against the number 1 Duffield couple. Rachel and Pat really played well, despite Pat carrying an injury, especially against the number 2 couple, but unfortunately they did not win their sets.
A really fantastic, but close victory(5-4). Well done to all who played.