Ladies - May 2012

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7 May 2012 18:30 Ockbrook 2 Away

On a night when in barely stopped raining in Ashbourne the ladies traveled to play Ockbrook and Borrowash where they won a tight match 5-4. The pairings of Judith Johnson and Nicky Woods and Roz Hughes and Susan Longworth each won two sets and Ursula Kaul and Catherine Bailey secured the win.


11 May 2012 18:30 Little Eaton Home

Team:  L Simpson-Allsop and S Longworth ( couple 1)  P Brown and S Moore ( couple 2), A Hunt and R Lewis ( couple 3)
A really good opening to the season on a really cold evening. Little Eaton unfortunately only came with two couples, but even with this advantage to Ashbourne, the team had a convincing win. The top two couples won both of their sets, but the third pairing, even though they put up a really good fight, unfortunately lost their set. Poor light and on mutual agreement between the clubs, the second game for the third couple was not played, resulting in the score of 7-1.
Well done to the team as it was very cold with a good deal of time sitting off, waiting to play, especially for Angela and Rachel.


14 May 2012 18:30 Duffield 4 Away

Team: L Simpson-Allsop and S Longworth (1), S Moore and R Hughes( 2), R Lewis and P Brown(3)
Ashbourne arrived just as the heavens opened at Duffield. Following a lengthy wait, the couples took to the courts.
Susan and Lorraine got off to a great start, beating thye number 1 couple 9-4. They then went on to win their next two sets, both to love.
Suzie and Roz had a very close opening match, finally coming out on top 9-7 against the number 2 couple. They then continued in winning form to take the next set against the number 3 couple, but unfortunately were beaten in thier final set against the number 1 Duffield couple. Rachel and Pat really played well, despite Pat carrying an injury, especially against the number 2 couple, but unfortunately they did not win their sets.
A really fantastic, but close victory(5-4). Well done to all who played.


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