Men's Singles Championship

9 Sep 2016 17:00

Ashbourne Tennis Club's Annual Men's Singles Tournament will be held on Friday 9th September. The competition is open to men and boys aged 13 or more and will be seeded and arranged on a progressive basis. The initial matches will be played as a round robin event with group winners playing out the final stages. We will aim to start at 5pm but those who cannot arrive until later will be accommodated.

The Fast Four Format which we have used successfully on a number of occasions will be used. The significant differences to a normal tennis match are as follows:-

1. Lets are played. If the serve hits the tape and lands inside the box, it's a legitimate serve.

2. No advantage scores when deuce is reached. Instead, a 'PowerPoint' is played. The receiving player decides the service side for that point.

3. If the set reaches three games all, a tiebreaker game is played. First player to five points wins, with a 'Super Point' played at 4 points all.

4. First player to four games wins the set.

The winner will hold the Ashbourne Men's Singles Championship Shield for twelve months and have their name entered on the honours board.

The entrance price to cover the cost of balls, lights and prizes, is £5.

If you would like further information please contact Frank Beer or Andy Bailey. We would be grateful if you could let us know if you would like to participate ASAP and at the latest by Tuesday 6th Setember. 

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