Tennis Court Development Update

28 Mar 2013

No pictures this time as I am sure you all sick of the sight of the white stuff.
Over the weekend the heavens emptied about 60cms snow on our new tennis court site. There is still approx 300mm of the stuff still there.
This has put the contractors at least another week behind schedule.
I have seen an e mail this morning suggesting that the power supply is to be connected on 5th April with. The assumption is that  car parks and access roads will be constructed  afterwards followed by tidying up and grass seeding.
I am not expecting the courts to be available now until w/c 15th April at the earliest.
I have therefore confirmed bookings with QEGS for every Tuesday and Thursday during April. Hopefully not all of them will be required.

Weather permitting we hope to see as many of you as possible on Tuesday (2nd April from 6pm).
Volunteers to help set nets up before then would be welcome