Events - Fri 18th May 2018

Ashbourne Tennis Club has teamed up with the LTA to host a Tennis Festival Summertime Slam on Sunday 8th July.


The Ashbourne event will include a junior fun tournament in the morning for those aged 12 and under from 10am. In the afternoon a men's and ladies team event will be organised for those aged 13 and over.


Junior Fun Tournament

The Junior event will be for ages U8 to U12 and is planned to start at 10am and finish around 1pm.


It will be a team format comprising all age groups, but competing at their respective mini tennis level (full yellow for U12s). Matches will be between players of the same age group and will be a mixture of singles and doubles if time permits. The exact match format will be decided when the number of entrants are known.


There will be a nominal entry fee to cover costs and prizes (should be no more than £2). Further details will be provided later, but please reply to XXX, (YYY) or XXX (below) so that we can assess interest and numbers.




Men's and Ladies Team Competition

The Men's and Ladies Team Competition will commence at around 1.30pm and we shall aim to complete the event by 6pm depending on entry levels. It will be open to all members who are 13 years of age or over.

Each team will consist of a Top, Middle and Lower ranked player. Teams will be formatted by a seeding committee and each team member will partner each other against similar pairings in opposing teams. e.g. 1&2 v. 1&2, 1&3 v. 1&3 and 2&3 v. 2&3.

Captains of each team and court supervisors will be appointed to help the smooth running of the afternoon.


The Fast Four Format, which the club used successfully for a similar event last year will be adopted. The significant differences to a normal tennis match are as follows:-


1. Lets are played. If the serve hits the tape and lands inside the box, it's a legitimate serve.

2. No advantage scores when deuce is reached. Instead, a 'PowerPoint' is played. The receiving doubles pair decides the service side for that point.

3. If the set reaches three games all, a tiebreaker game is played. First pairing to five points wins, with a 'PowerPoint' played at 4 points all.

4. First pairing to four games wins the set.


Teams will be split into groups of at least three teams thereby giving each competitor at least 4 sets of tennis. We shall have four matches running simultaneously.


As is normal for competitions of this type there will be a entry fee. On this occasion it will be £5.

Please let me have your entry as soon as possible but at the very latest by the evening of Thursday 23rd June - OR by text to 07831518382


Entrants, their families and spectators are invited to bring their own picnics, mobile BBQ's, seating and of course Fizz to create a picnic in the park atmosphere.

To help create that atmosphere background music will be played.


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